The vital force – a concept lost?

Clever Homeopathy

The vital force as a fundamental principle of the homeopathic treatment approach describes a life-inducing, spirit-like power that is inherent to all living things, human, animal, insect, plant.

Termed by Hahnemann as the “dynamis” it enlivens the material organism [1]. Without this vital energy the material body is unable to function, to conduct physical exertion, process or express emotional perception. All expression of life is impossible, not even the preservation of the self. This force is instinctive and without intellect. Its sole purpose is to maintain a harmonious equilibrium within the healthy organism. The dynamis has no curative ability [1].

This concept is not alien to medical thinking or the healing practices. In particular the traditional and alternative treatment approaches see a vital principle as foundational element of their healthcare philosophies.

At the root of the traditional Chinese belief system on the nature of the existence of life, and basic…

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